Batch Cooking

This past weekend, my sister-in-law and I got together to “batch cook.”  We had been talking about it for a month, and we finally decided to do it.  I’ve read on so many blogs, namely on The Simple Dollar about cooking large quantities and freezing them in smaller containers for later consumption.   Some people call it “once a month cooking” or batch cooking. 

This seemed like the perfect idea for a busy family who is trying to eat healthy and not spend so much money eating out.  My SIL and I were not willing to tackle an entire month on our first go-round.  Instead, we settled for two weeks of prepared and frozen meals.  We made 9 dishes.  It’s just her and my brother at their house and just Henry and myself eating “real” food at our house, so 9 meals is about 2 weeks worth of meals once you count leftovers for lunch and the one or two meals Henry and I usually eat out.

The surprising thing to me about the whole process was, it was not as exhausting as I thought it would be.  Maybe it was because we were working as a team, or maybe it was because we had an awesome 90’s music station blaring on iHeart radio. 🙂  Either way, it was pretty fun.  I realize that if we keep doing this every 2 weeks, it may get less fun as we go.  However, right now, I am enjoying not cooking again for 2 weeks.  I feel so super woman-ish having food all ready to go in my freezer.  I think it’s a new form of empowerment for a modern woman to be able to take care of work, children, AND dinner.  haha!

Another benefit of this system, all of the supplies to make these 9 meals (18 total with SIL’s share) was just a little over $100.  So, two families, 2 weeks of meals, about $115.  Not too shabby.

2 thoughts on “Batch Cooking

    • I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to face a day, or part of a day of cooking without someone else doing it with me. Maybe if you find a friend or a relative who wants to join you, it would be more inspiring. Also, loud music helps. 🙂 Maybe some wine.

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