Gratitude Instead of Attitude

Today’s commute was so much better.  At my husband’s suggestion, I took a different route from MIL’s house to work.   It shaved off 15-20 min. and I think it would have saved even more time if there had not been an accident on the highway.  Henry would take Baby Girl to MIL’s house, but he has to leave for work at 5:00am most mornings, and he would have to leave at 4:00am if he took her.  That is not sustainable for anyone who wants to say awake past 7:30pm. 

Yesterday I was stressed out, worried, and wondering how the heck I was going to be able to take Baby Girl to MIL’s house every day.  I was scrambling for ideas of who I could leave her with.  I know from co-worker’s that daycares in this area are BOOKED and if you want in, you have apply while the child is still in utero.  I’m so glad today went better.  I know now that I can do this 3 days per week without too much hassle.  Sure, it’s inconvenient, but Baby Girl is in great hands.  I’m hoping that being at MIL’s house, and being only around 2 other babies, that she will not get sick as frequently as some of my friends’ kids who are in daycares.  Probably not, but here’s to hoping.  🙂

I also realized last night that I needed to be grateful and thankful for so many things.  Here are just a few of those things:

1. We have a beautiful Baby Girl that needs to be cared for.

2. Henry and I have  jobs that we love (most days) that requires someone else to care for our child.

3. We have wonderful family members nearby (comparatively) who are willing to take care of Baby Girl.  Many of my friends do not have family close and don’t have that option.

4.  Henry picked up Baby Girl from MIL’s house so I could stay a little later at work to make up for my very late arrival.  It also gave me time to get home and clean up the kitchen and prop my feet up for a few minutes before they arrived home.  He’s a sweet and thoughtful man.

So, I’m done with whining…for now.

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