Idiot Tax

Today I did something that is going to cost me what I like to call “idiot tax.”  An amount of money I’m paying because of an idiotic thing I did.

Right now, I’m driving my husbands large Ford F150 truck, not my little Honda Accord.  He works 30 min. from our house, I work 10, so he drives my car to save gas.  Anyway, I was coming back to work from a meeting and all the parking spaces were full except for one, very narrow spot.  I managed to squeeze Big Bertha into the spot and still leave a modest amount of room for the Tahoe driver next to me to get in and out. 

Bad Driving Hurts

Not 30 seconds after I pulled in, the little car to my left pulled out.  They had been hogging the line of their spot and now there was ample room.  I decided to back out and move over a little to give the Tahoe more room.  As I back out, I’m looking everywhere except where I should have been looking.  I hear the sound of plastic cracking and slammed on my brakes.  I had hit the Tahoe with my right mirror.  The mirrors are designed to fold INWARD, but I had managed to fold it halfway back.  Thankfully, I didn’t knock the mirror off of the much nicer Tahoe, but I did leave a quarter-sized dent and removed a noticeable paint chip.

Upon further inspection, I realized this brand spankin’ new Tahoe belongs to one of our assistants at work.  She’s a good, hardworking person, and is a friend of mine.  No way in heck I”m not going to confess and offer to fix it.  Rather than involve insurance, she’s going to get an estimate and we will pay her cash. 

That will be $200-$500 that could have gone to pay off student loans.  But nope, I had to be an idiot and not watch where I was going.  It makes me so angry at myself.  The only bright side–I did not damage Henry’s truck at all.  The mirror easily folded back to the original position and doesn’t seem to be worse for the wear.

The really, really bad thing is……………this is not the first time I’ve damaged Henry’s truck.  He used to have a Nissan and I crushed the driver’s side fender on a concrete pillar in a parking garage.  That happened when we had only been married about 6 months.  He may not be in such a forgiving mood after 7 years of marriage.  Fingers crossed.

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