Our (Frugal?) Anniversary Weekend

This weekend, the husband and I took the weekend to relax, unwind, and spend some time together and time with Baby Girl.  Today is our seventh anniversary and we decided that since life has been so hectic for us lately, we would stay local for our anniversary.  We booked a nice hotel here in town and just stayed here and relaxed and ate a couple of great dinners.  We did it frugally as well.  I purchased the hotel somewhat last-minute on Priceline.com and got it for approximately $50.00 per night.  One of our dinners at a nice restaurant was purchased using a ½ off deal coupon. 

We ate a lot this weekend.  Too much really.  With an infant in the house, our schedules have been turned on their heads and we don’t always put enough effort into creating healthy meals.  We are trying to get into a fitness routine and lose our baby weight.  Yes, I said “our baby weight.”  Henry gained approximately 20 lbs. along with me as I gained a whopping 55 lbs during pregnancy.  A loving husband does not let his wife drive to Dairy Queen at 8:30 at night to order a buy one get one free blizzard and not do his part to eat the free one.  I have lost 35 of those pounds and Henry has lost about 7 pounds.  I had an unfair advantage since I lost 25 of those pounds by giving birth and losing water weight during the first week.   

It was nice to take a break, spend a little money, eat more calories than we should have, and just enjoy life and each other.  What did you do this weekend?

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