The First Step

Hi, my name is Arlea.  I’m a 31-year old mom, wife, and lawyer.  Although I have a very white collar job, I identify more as blue collar.    My goal with this blog is to have a place to express my thoughts on life, family, finances, and work.  I am a bit bi-polar when it comes to work and home.   Some days I’m just trying to survive when I would rather be a stay-at-home mom.  Other days, I cannot imagine doing anything other than what I do.  

My husband, Henry, is a Registered Nurse who has more inappropriate dinner stories than you can image.  We recently became parents to the most beautiful, happy, chubby baby girl.  She is more of a blessing than we ever could have imagined before we met her.

I am a huge fan of financial blogs and it was reading those that made me interested in reading blogs at all.  However, as a whole, I’ve gravitated towards blogs that have a broader appeal than just finances.  The blogs I love most have a very personal feel and the bloggers I love most are those who open up about the struggles of life, whether those struggles are with education, finances, family, self-worth, goals, or any number of topics.  I read to be inspired, encouraged, or entertained.   To be completely honest, my interest is probably also tinged with voyerism–I’m simply nosey about the lives of people I will most likely never meet.  I hope to provide some sort of entertainment, encouragement, or escapism with this blog–and that’s just for me.  If you get any of those things out of it as well, I will have been more than successful.

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